How To Edit Your Profile & Add Your Logo

Your logo is an important part of your overall brand. We make it easy for you to include your logo in your auction house’s profile. Simply sign in to your account and follow the steps below.

NOTE: Your profile image (or logo) will display in full size on your platform. When customizing your site, you may find that re-sizing the logo and re-uploading it is necessary for achieving the proper look. Our guide to logo sizes may also help.


Step 1: Access Your Dashboard

Click the dashboard icon at the top right hand corner of your home screen to enter your Auctioneer Dashboard.

Step 2: Access Your Settings

Access your auction house settings by clicking the “Manage my house” button. 

Step 3: Edit Your Profile Information & Upload Your Logo

In the Profile tab, you can add your Auction House’s name, information about your company in the “About Your Company” section, as well as your contact information.

To add your logo, under “House Profile Image,” click the “Browse” button and locate the image file for your logo on your computer.

Step 4: Upload Your Logo

Once you’ve selected your logo, click the “Upload” button. 

Step 5: Review Your Upload

Your logo will display immediately on your house settings page, so you can be certain it uploaded properly.

Your logo is now displayed above the name of your auction house on your auction house profile page.


By uploading your logo, you can be certain that your auction house is thoroughly branded. Your customers will recognize you and keep coming back for more.

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